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Nexa3D and Addifab 3D Printer Baseball Bats


With Nexa3D’s large print envelope and ultrafast LSPc process, the Wilson R&D group can now produce multiple parts at once, in a rapid manner, allowing for multiple design iterations in a single print batch.

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PepsiCo Hybrid Mold from Nexa3D 3D Printer


PepsiCo’s patented hybrid-made molds made on NXE 400 industrial 3D printer can be successfully used for more than 10,000 bottles before failure at up to a 96% reduction of cost compared to traditional metal tooling.

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KADEN Toy Truck Trophy


By investing in an ultrafast production-focused system with a larger build plate, the team quickly found they were decreasing design and production costs while increasing output and quality.

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Watch MaxResolution3D Robotic Arm


When starting a company, ensuring the right product, processes, and market fit that can adequately be served is just part of the overall equation. For the MaxResolution3D team, having a 3D printing system they could grow and scale with was essential to starting off on the right foot.

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WeMed part created with Nexa3D


When traditional 3D printing technology failed to keep pace with the production speed of machine building business VUTS, the company turned to long-time partner Industrial Technology Systems s.r.o to find the answer.

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Loctite Up Close Printed Part


With depleting supplies of personal protection equipment (PPE) for front line workers during COVID-19 pandemic, the demand on supply grew sharply, resulting in significantly longer lead times and price increases. Henkel/LOCTITE and Nexa3D worked fast to meet the demand for face shields.

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Haux Printed Part


HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORTdemands outstanding technical performance, innovation, quality and reliability because their life-saving equipment can’t fail. They trusted the NXE 400 because of its ability to deliver the quality and tolerances the product demands.

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Software Design of Optimized Printed Part


Growing up around traditional manufacturing, the founder of Optomiz3D knew that there was potential for a business that joined the best of both worlds— that vision was realized with the NXE 400.

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