The Nexa Level


Raw materials, manufacturing processes and transportation are just some contributing factors that need addressing. One answer to solving these issues is additive manufacturing.

“We’re inviting you on our mission to shatter traditional 3D printing productivity, democratize access to production polymers and digitize the world’s supply chains sustainably.”

But reducing emissions isn’t as simple as installing a machine — fully embracing this technology requires us to rethink manufacturing methods, design approaches and product lifecycles.

In each edition of The Nexa Level we bring together several industry innovators and experts to discuss topical issues in manufacturing and share exclusive expertise that will transform the industry.

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3D Printing light source


  • From idea to reality in less than a day
  • 60 seconds with ProductionToGo
  • Dental challenge
  • In conversation with BASF
  • Behind the scenes of a world-first innovation
  • The importance of validating your workflows
  • Introducing the NEXTFACTORY
  • In the news
Open NXE 400 with Printed Parts Inside.


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